Forms for implementing Ministry

Taking a large church and trying to keep it simple, straight forward and nimble, is yes

an oxymoron.  Which means large and simple don't go together.

So we are attempting on this page to try and keep things straight forward without having to worry you

about how it just might be complicated too!  

Scroll down for membership and communication links.

Training Links are at the bottom of the que.

Let us know how we are doing!


We are really glad you are feeling good enough to begin thinking about joining the family, whether by just showing up and letting us know how we can contact you, or by asking us to officially move your membership.

Address Update Form

Membership Transfer Form

AV Training Videos - Pro Presenter

Our new equipment is outstanding, but requires individuals to understand how it works before they

can easily sit behind the computer monitors and run the system.

We have tried to include right here the videos individuals should watch to help themselves become comfortable with the equipment.

A basic tutorial of sound control is below!

Our Video Equipment

Basic und

Basic Sound Discussion

A basic discussion of sound set up and tools