The Book of Romans

I will not attempt to give a deffinitive answer or exposition to the book of Romans.

Neither will I enter into the controversy that seems to always surround the book.

I will preach Jesus, and attempt to point out why the book is so full of good news.


Dealing with . . .

This is a shorter series that attempts to provide practical help and scriptural advise on dealing with various aspects of life.


Pastor Gisella's Sermons


Christians Out of Control - Study of 1 Corinthians

Paul jumps right in and attempts to help the early Christian church find some balance, and maybe more importantly, core values for how to be a Christian in a pagan world.  Balance is always a great thing, and "we recognize it as we swing by."

This book also gives us great opportunities to jump off and deal with huge and important issues taking place in the world around us.

Buckel your seat belts and hang on!


Majoring on Minors

When you slip away from Jesus, you lose your focus, you lose your identity, so instead you

grab onto to minor issues and make them important, vital, life saving.  Sad thing is usually everyone

around you can see you just lost Jesus.


Understanding our Adventist Worldview

Every tribe, people group or denomination has its own particular frame of reference, world view, understanding and interpretation

of what is important, what the questions are, and how the answers make sense in a confusing world.


The Book of Luke

This book was written to the "God lovers," which hopefully includes you!

We are going to take our time, as we attempt to dig a bit deeper into the life of Jesus and try to understand the

practical teachings that should be radically impacting us today.


What about Discipleship?

Jesus said: "And while you are going, make disciples . . .   that is the call to His people,  everything else is support training and context.


Stories of Israel and Judah

Scripture reminds us in its stories, that God is patient, kind and always extends Grace to those who deserve it least.


The Sermon on the Mount -  Blessed are you when . . .

What if the way God thinks is very different than the way we think?

What if God really wants us to be happy and enjoy life?

What if being happy and the key to enjoyment are entirely different than what we have been taught?

What if Jesus is trying to teach us basic laws about life, so we will be a shining light to everyone on how good God is?


Special Services

The last two weeks of April, we were blessed with a service by our youth, led by Jazmin Quetz,

and then on the 28th Pastor Gisella arranged for a private showing of I can only Imagine,

and a time of worship with Cole, one of the actors in the movie and a fellow Adventist disciple.


Forgiveness Series

We start 2018 with this series on Forgiveness.

The world has learned that forgiveness is so very important to the life and health of an individual.

Sadly, too often Christians are not known for their actually practicing forgiveness to those who hurt them.


The Christmas Sermons of 2017

Dec 23, Emmanuel - God WITH Us

It is Christmas weekend, and we focus on this wonderful promise from Isaiah! 

22 All this took place to fulfill what had been spoken by the Lord through the prophet: 

23 “Look, the virgin shall conceive and bear a son,

and they shall name him Emmanuel,” 


I am Series

Our media page allows you to watch, listen, and download our sermon and ministry media. You can also download the resources attached to each media item, such as sermon notes, transcripts, or any other documents associated with our messages.  Or you can use this link to see past sermons


I am: The Bread of Life

Jesus said he was the bread of life!  We examine the issues of this claim, and discover that tasting and seeing, still applies!